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How To Stop Legs Sinking When Swimming - Head, Heals, Catch

What Does Your Head, Heals and Catch Have To Do With How To Stop Legs Sinking When Swimming?

The video below is one of the better videos on how to stop legs from sinking when swimming. It gives a clear explanation of the role that correct heal and head position play, as well as showing what both an incorrect catch and a correct catch looks like and how these help to fix a sinking kick.

It may seem surprising to some but when new swimmers express concern to me that they are having problems with their kicking, I will often say "don't kick". Your arms provide the vast majority of your propulsion in the water. It is by far, way more important that you get your stroke correct. In fact, in some situations, such as long-distance and open water swimming, you definitely want to keep your kick to a minimum.

Having said that, a good freestyle kick does matter and in most swimming activities is an advantage, so I will always get a student to return to kicking practice when they have fixed their stroke.

Ironically, one of the things that kicking will reveal is faults with your stroke and that is the main emphasis of the video below. It is only dealing with flutter kick, so if you have faults with your other kicks this won't help. However, the freestyle flutter kick is by far the kick that is most commonly asked about.

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I have approached the problem of Sinking Legs When Swimming Freestyle before, so if the video does not address your problem you may want to do some further reading there. You may also find more on flutter kick and Narrow That Flutter Kick useful.


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