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How To Relax While Swimming: Learn To Swim Stronger & Faster

How To Relax While Swimming

Are you trying too hard? Do you need to relax? Knowing how to relax while swimming is one of the hardest things for a beginner to get the hang of. In fact, even well-established swimmers will often have to be pulled back from trying too hard as this sinking hand article shows.

I get to watch a lot of swimming as I walk around the pool. Every level and variation of every stroke will sooner or later reveal itself. I often feel sorry for the ones that are trying to teach themselves to swim as they struggle with things that I know that I can easily fix.

The problem is that, unless I am asked or I am actually their swim teacher, to say anything would be a breach of protocol. People are entitled to swim any way they want. The irony being, that, those who have some very poor technique will often outstrip those that have good technique simply because they are relaxed.

Picture from below of a male swimmer doing freestyle learning how to relax while swimming
Relax, You'll Swim Better 

I Am Not Trying To Encourage Poor Technique

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to encourage poor technique. Quite the opposite. I also regularly go to watch swimming squads and it is disturbing just how many of those in the squad could benefit from a better technique. (Sometimes I honestly don't know what some swimming coaches are thinking.) Good technique is essential to developing good swimming but one of the best techniques is to relax.

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So if you are struggling with your progress in the water, your biggest hindrance just might be that you are tensing up as you swim. The link above to the drill is intended for advanced swimmers but beginners can apply it just as well. Relaxing works for all strokes and it could potentially lead to big gains in your development.

Just one additional hint

Whenever you try something new, it always creates some tension, which is exactly what you are trying to avoid. So before you start, try some deep breathing exercises. I don't mean that you breathe so much that you hyperventilate, that would be worse, I mean just spend some time taking some slow big deep breathes in and a nice slow release of that breath as you breathe out before you start. Just to make sure you are calm before you start.


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