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My name is Richard and I have been a swimming teacher part-time for more than 20 years and full time for 7 years. I started this blog to try to open up communication with other swimming teachers. I want to share my ideas and thoughts on the teaching and development of teaching method.

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The swim teaching industry is one that is based on a large amount of anecdotal information for its development. There has been a lot of research done over the years on Elite swimming techniques that have benefited beginner swimming but there is little ongoing research for beginner swimming.

That doesn't mean that there has been no research on how to teach beginners. In fact, over the years there has been some significant work that has changed the nature of teaching swimming. We have gone from a society that believed that the quickest way to teach a person to swim is to throw them in the deep end and let them work it out, to realizing that the road to the rapid development of swimming technique is by careful step by step teaching. But it seems that once we reached that status we left it up to individual swim teachers and schools to develop that notion further.

It would be wonderful to have an organization that was dedicated to well designed purposeful research on good swim teaching. There are schools around that are ideally set up for such a thing but they seem unwilling to go beyond what has already been done and certainly unwilling to share.

In the meantime, it is my hope that this blog will help.


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