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Do you like to Write?

Do you like to talk about your swimming experience?

Perhaps you are a swim teacher and would like to share your knowledge or a regular swimmer who has had an insight.

I Am happy to accept Original Content

If you are interested in contributing to my blog, I am happy to accept guest posts. However, there are some conditions. I am only looking for new and original content. If you would like to contribute an original article I would be happy to review it for publication. I am open to all sorts of articles as long as it is to do with swimming. It can even be 200 - 300-word summaries or a review of something you want to link to on the web as long as it is your own work.


There are some limits however on what I can accept so please read the below carefully. If you have any questions I am happy for you to contact me. It may take some time but I will get back to you with an answer.

Duplicate or Plagiarised Content

I Will Not accept any Duplicate or Plagiarised content. Duplicate or Plagiarised content hurt us both so please don't ask me to include it but new and original is great.

Keep It Wholesome

I Will Not accept any content that is full of profanity or that promotes smoking, gambling, adult-only themes or anything illegal.

Acknowledgement And Link Limits

You may feel free to add any of your pictures and links to any article you write and you would get full acknowledgment. The number of links is limited however to two (2), otherwise, the article becomes a little too busy for the reader.

Links may be rel="nofollow" at my sole discretion but that won't stop you from getting the traffic.

Links That Are Most Likely To Get A rel="No follow"

It is important that no in-context link ever looks like a link that someone might have paid me for, even if they never have, as that definitely will cop me a penalty from Google.

For example, "Sales Pages", even if they are in the form of a product review page will result in a rel="nofollow". There is no way for Google to interpret them as anything other than paid links. "Home Pages" and "About Pages" that look like "Sales Pages" will result in a rel="nofollow" unless they are on a subject that is of significant community interest (see below:'Links that are most likely to get a rel="follow"').

What Is A "Sales Page"

This is any page that uses any kind of language or images deliberately designed to try to motivate a reader to buy a product. This includes signup pages, landing pages or anything that could be interpreted as such.

What Is A "Home Page" or "About Page"

This is any page that uses any kind of language or images deliberately designed to describe the person or company that the author is writing for. I prefer such "Home Page" and "About Page" links to be contained in the bio at the bottom of the page, under the label of "Author bio" or "Sponsored link". Links to, genuine, "Home Page" and "About Page", that is pages that are not disguised sales pages, may usually be designated as a rel="follow". A "Home Page" and "About Page" become "Sales Page" the moment it contains any kind of language or images deliberately designed to try to motivate a reader to buy a product or it includes signup, landing pages or anything that could be interpreted as such. Please be aware that rel="follow" or rel="nofollow" is at my sole discretion.

Ads On Linked Pages

Ads on a "Home Page" and "About Page" do not make them a "Sale Page", as long as such ads are clearly identified as ads. However, I will not intentionally allow links to pages that contain ads that promote smoking, gambling, adult-only themes or anything illegal.

Links that are most likely to get a rel="follow"

It is relatively safe for me to do a rel="follow" link to anything that is community-based information such as community clubs etc. The pages may contain ads that can clearly be perceived as ads but must not be themselves "Sale Pages". Wikipedia, informative or reference type material such as legal material regarding particular laws; medical conditions or "how to" references (building, cleaning, etc.), are theoretically OK; even if they are on a commercial site as long as it is not a "Sales Page" and are immediately relevant to the topic. Links to things such as infographics are normally OK and may even go directly on my site with a link to the originating site. Basically, anything that will increase the authority of my site is fine to link to without Google penalizing me.

Links Need To Mean What They Say. Don't Be Deceptive

I Will Not accept any unnatural and deceptive links. Whilst I don't mind a link going to your "Sale Page" as per the above conditions, it has to be natural and relevant to the content. For Example: please don't send me an article that appears to have a link to more information about freestyle when it, in fact, goes to a "Sale Page" for swimsuits.

Don't be Blatantly Commercial

The idea is to add value to my blog and the community that follows me. Please do not present me with any veiled attempt at a "Sales Page", "Home Page" or "About Page" to add to my site. It will be rejected. Any content presented to me for review must contain value to my community. There are no exceptions to this.

Be Sensitive To My Product Range

My product range is clearly listed in the navigation of this blog. I think competition is great but please don't expect me to willingly link to products that compete directly with me.

What Subjects Are Acceptable

Feel free to write about any swimming-related subject you like. From time to time, however, I may request that you write on a different topic if I have more than enough on a particular subject. If you would like to write something but need a subject, I can usually help with that.

Contributing Is Easy

Simply submit your article to richard_roper@swimteaching.com with the subject heading "Suggested Swimming Article".

All Articles Are Reviewed By Me Personally

All articles are reviewed by me personally and acceptance of the article is entirely at my discretion. I will let you know if your article has been accepted or rejected as quickly as I can.

If the article is accepted I will notify you with the approximate date for publication, usually including a link to its location.

So let's hear from you.