Blu-Tack Ear Plugs & Swimming Not Safe

Don't use Blu-Tack* For Ear Plugs!

Lots of swimmers use Blu-tack as substitute earplugs because of its flexibility and it's easy moulding to the ear and apparently, some ENT specialist thinks it is Ok.

Picture of a headband to hold earplugs in Blu-Tack Ear Plugs & Swimming Not Safe.
Headband To Hold in Earplugs

But the parents of one of my students told me that their doctor was very unhappy with the idea, so I thought I would mention this in passing to our pediatrician.

If I were to say that pediatricians are not fans of Blu-Tack as a substitute for earplugs, I think that may be understating it a little.

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What happens, apparently is that tiny little bits flake off and stay in the ear. Thus Blu-tack is not a good thing for anybody: but if your child has tubes in their ears the results of Blu-Tack flakes are untold complications. In short, Don't Do it! Despite the apparent contradiction between specialists, why would you risk it when there are plenty of earplug substitutes and a lot of cheap effective earplugs so that you don't have to.


*Blu-Tack is a brand name that may be called different things in different countries. It is a flexible and pliable sticky substance the is intended for temporarily fixing things in place. I personally find it very useful in many situations. Its use in swimming is Not something that is promoted or recommended by the manufactures.


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