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Learn To Swim Floatation Devices Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons Of Learn To Swim Floatation Devices

Learn to swim floatation devices such as Floatation Jackets and Floaties (Water wings) are a little bit of a myth. You can’t teach someone to swim properly in a life jacket.

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Floatation Jackets and Floats use similar principals life jackets. You can teach a new swimmer to kick in a life jacket and you can establish the beginnings of correct arm movement but you can’t establish correct and effective arm movement for swimming using a life jacket or any other floatation devices.

But so long as they are used under strict supervision I think they can be a great enhancement to the fun and experience of new swimmers. If I think Floatation Jackets and Floaties are Ok under the right supervision then it is only logical that I should think that the small amount of floatation provided by a kids wetsuit would be Ok.

Wetsuit Floatation and Swimming Lessons

On the other hand, there is some additional floatation in wetsuits. The floatation is not to the degree of that of proper floatation devices not will it keep a persons head above water let alone be a rescue device. But if you are looking for something to give a little bit of assistance with floating whilst someone learns to swim it is sufficient to give a boost.

There is no way around it someone who can't swim cannot be left to their own devices in the water without help and supervision.

Is the additional floatation provided by a wetsuit a good thing?

Most think its great but there are swimming instructors that think it’s detrimental to the swimmer's skill development.

Image of a little girl in the pool wearing Swimming With Floatation Devices; water wings and a float ring
Swimming With Floatation Devices: Fun or Foe

I’m reasonably certain that there has been no research done on this, however, so any view that is propagated is going to be based purely on perception.

My perception is that the little amount of flotation that a wetsuit provides is not going to make the slightest bit of difference to the skill development of a new swimmer. In fact, in my view, it can only help. More buoyancy means better body position and better body position can only lead to better skill development.

So as I said, you can't use a floatation device to learn to swim. But under good supervision, they can be a lot of fun. You can, however, gain a little extra floatation from a wetsuit, that may help you, if that is what you want or if you want to stay that little bit warmer whilst you learn to swim.


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