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Simple Ways to Keep Your Child Safe Around Water

This Swimming Season Keep Your Child Safe

About 1500 children die from drowning each year according to the National Institutes of Health. That's a sobering statistic and one we can change. Children are naturally curious and their curiosity can get them in some dangerous situations very quickly. It is up to adults to ensure that children remain safe around water. There are simple ways to keep your child safe around water. With the right knowledge and diligence, you can make your days at the pool or lake with your child both fun and safe.

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Many parents take their children for swimming lessons but neglect to take lessons themselves. Often children who drown are in the company of adults who can't swim, making it a tragedy that could have been prevented. Take your child for swimming lessons and get in there with them. Some of the best swimmers run into trouble in the water. They may face a strong current or leg cramps. If this happens to your child, what will happen if you can't swim?

Young children should always use float devices while in the water and life jackets while in a boat. However, this does not replace constant vigilance with your child around water. A tragedy can happen in an instant. Even with a floatation device, a child can drown. So don’t think that your child is safe, and doesn’t need to be monitored. These extra precautions can ultimately save their lives when the unexpected happens, but are no replacement for your attention and caution to your children while around water. By being prepared, your child will have a better chance to overcome a life-threatening situation. Never gamble with basic safety measures.

A young black haired girl, with goggles on her head and a pink dress swimsuit, asleep on her rainbow colored kickboard in the pool: This article is about Simple Ways to Keep Your Child Safe Around Water
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If you have a home or live in an apartment complex with a pool, it is vitally important to know where your child is at all times. Many drownings happen at home when a child wanders off while parents are momentarily distracted. It only takes minutes for your child to get to the pool and fall in. Never leave your child unattended outside if the pool area is not fenced and locked. Even if there are older children around, they can't be counted on to closely watch your child. Older kids don't understand the importance of watching younger ones every minute and can easily be led away to play with friends, leaving the younger child alone.

These simple tips will help keep your child safe around water. Don't become a statistic. Be proactive and take the steps to ensure your child's safety around any body of water. Learn to swim, use floaties and life jackets, and always watch your child. Then make a splash and have fun.


Haliegh Adams is a professional writer and a stay at home mom. She writes about topics such as cord blood banks, as well as general articles on health and wellness.


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