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How To Fix Swimming Goggles: Adjusting The Nose Bridge

How To Fix Swimming Goggles Nose Bridge

One of the questions I get the most is, how to fix swimming goggles. There are several parts that give people trouble:
  • Adjusting the nose bridge
  • Adjusting the straps,
  • Fixing the straps and getting the right fit
In this post, I am going to talk about adjusting the nose bridge.

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Three Types of Bridges on Goggles

There are really only three types of bridges on goggles:
  • The fixed bridge: these cannot be adjusted and you should make sure that the goggles are fitting correctly before you buy them. Most shops will have a sample for you to try on before you buy and will not take back goggles once they have been in the pool. It is important then, to be sure so make sure you try on a sample pair before you buy and that they fit, with suction around your eyes and are comfortable.
  • Multi bridge type: these come with two or three extra bridges that you can swap in or out until you get the correct bridge size. The second half of the video describes what a snug fit feels like. A bridge that is too small can hurt your nose and one that is too wide will cause your goggles to leak.
  • The adjustable bridge type: this is the type discussed in the video.

The video

I created the video below some time ago when I was just experimenting with it, so the sound and picture quality is not that great but I think that it still manages to get the information you need across. I've tried to make sure that the subtitles are correct so if you have any trouble understanding what has been said, don't be afraid to use them.

The one thing that I don't mention in the video is that, when you adjust the bridge, you can end up with bits that stick into your nose. There is nothing for this except to cut the bits that stick into your nose off. But Do Not make a mistake and cut the wrong piece off as you cannot fix it once it is cut.


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