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Easy Pool Exercises to Get you in Shape This Summer

Get In Shape With These Easy Pool Exercises

With summer just around the corner, it’s more tempting to do your workouts outside in the pool or pool deck rather than in the stuffy house. The advantage of a pool workout is that you can keep cool in the heat while still working up a sweat and getting into great shape.

The great thing about workout out in the pool is that most exercises work all the major muscles, which burns more fat and gets you into better shape. Also, most of these workouts can be done without having to know how to swim.

So let’s take a look at some effective pool workouts you can begin once the temperature heats up.

Pool Noodles

The pool noodle is a staple accessory for any backyard pool. What you might not know is that this toy is a great workout device because they’re lightweight and adjustable, which makes them ideal for a multitude of workouts.

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The first workout we’ll look at is the Noodle Plank. This exercise takes the average plank exercise and makes it interesting. First, hold the noodle in front and stretch out your body until it’s straight and your toes touch the bottom of the pool. Hold this position until you can’t. If you don’t like planks on land, you might enjoy this because the water acts as a stabilizer and support.

The next workout is the Noodle Bicycle. To do this exercise, you sit in the middle of the noodle and straddle it. Use your legs to pedal the “bike” forward. Within a few seconds, your legs will feel the burn. This is a great cardio workout.

The next one is the Noodle Press Down. This workout will tax your shoulders. Simply let the noodle float in front of you and press down until it touches your leg. This uses the resistance of the water to give you a superb shoulder workout.

Water Weights

Another accessory for pool workouts is water weights. These weights are made of foam, so they float and use the resistance of the water. They are designed to be used underwater and give your body a thorough workout. With water weights, you can do many of the exercises you would do with normal weights in the gym such as rows, bicep curls, shoulder shrugs, and leg curls.

No Equipment? No Sweat

(Well actually that's not true whenever you are in the pool exercising you still sweat so make sure you drink between sets when you are doing a workout. However... ed.)

Image of an aqua class doing easy pool exercises with no equipment
No Equipment? No Sweat

If you’re new to pool exercise and don’t want to spend a ton of money on equipment, you can still get a killer workout that will burn calories and get you into shape in no time. Scissor kicks strengthen your core and work the large muscles of the legs. To do this, brace yourself on the side of the pool, stretch your legs out, and kick. You can kick up and down or side to side.

Another exercise to try is the knee tuck. Jump up and bring your arms to your chest. Virtually anyone can do this low impact exercise.

Lastly, try jogging or doing jumping jacks in the pool. The resistance of the water will give you a great cardio workout while strengthening your muscles. If you had any pool resurfacing done, it will make it easier on your feet as you jog around.

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Warning Always Check With Your Doctor Before You Start Any Exercise


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