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Swim Goggle Straps And How To Fit Them Properly

Overcoming A Common Error Fitting Swim Goggle Straps

The purpose of this video is to explain about swim goggle straps. How to fit them properly so that they straddle the occipital bone, thus maximizes the suction on the eyepieces, allowing optimum seal.

Swim Goggle Straps And How To Fit Them Properly
Swim Goggle and Straps

The video below shows clearly how your goggle straps, should be fitted to reduce the chance of leaking whilst you are swimming.

I have learned all about how to do this through many, many, many instances of students and parents coming to me asking why, no matter how many different types of goggles buy, they or their children always end up with goggles that leak.

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More than that I think I may have saved 100's of parents money when I am serving behind the counter and they come to me asking for a new pair of goggles because "these one's leak". After I have examined the goggles for faults and size, I simply suggest that before they buy a new pair they try what I suggest in the video.

Most times they are very happy with the advice. Which is probably not that good for business. But I'd rather that, than have a guilty conscience, for selling something to someone that they didn't need.

Anyway, if you have been having trouble with your goggles and can't work out why, try what I say and see if it helps. I'm reasonably confident it will.


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