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Swim Teaching When You Do Not Have A Ledge

How Do You Swim Teaching without A Ledge

Most swim teaching lesson plans assume that you have a ledge to work off when you are teaching your students. But this is not the case for all pools. Of course, many pools do have such items built-in, particularly those specifically designed for teaching. However not all pools have such luxury so what do you do when you don't have a ledge?

Image of a Boy Kicking On Ledge: Swim teaching lesson often use the ledge of the pool
Boy Kicking On Ledge

You don't need to be too concerned about losing your edge, there are a number of things that you can do, to overcome not having a ledge. You will need to think outside the box a little but hey, you're great at swim teaching, you can do it, right?

But if you are struggling with your brilliant ideas follow the link to is a very useful article called "Teaching Swimming Without A Ledge".

It is written by Laurie Lawrence and the premise is very simple. All you have to do is make creative use of the side of the pool, the ladders, the steps and any other fixtures.

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There Is Also Plenty Of Scope

There is also plenty of scope for making use of portable equipment such as kickboards and mats and even noodles. You can even use your uniform or your own body, such as your hands. In fact, if you plan this right, there is no good reason to use the edge at all; except for getting in and out of the pool.

Anyway, sooner or later you will come across a pool without a ledge if you move around pools or perhaps you just work at a pool that hasn't got a one. In both cases, I recommend you have a read of the article and see if it helps.


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