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How Should Swim Goggles Fit: Find The Best Pair For You

How Should Swim Goggles Fit Correctly

Finding a pair of swim goggles that fit comfortably and correctly, without leaking can be problematic if you don't know what you are doing. The video below is one of the best I have seen on how should swim goggles fit.

If you are not already wise to it, the biggest mistake that you can make when putting on goggles is having them on too tight. Not only will that potentially give you a headache and discomfort around the eyes, but it also won't do what you want it to do. It won't stop the leaks. Potentially no amount of tightening will prevent the goggles that are not suited to your face and eye shape from leaking and kids hate it too.

You can always tell if your goggles are on too tight, the person wearing them ends up with "owl eyes" when they take off their goggles; that is big red rings around their eyes.

The two biggest factors in getting goggles to fit correctly are the suction around the eyes and the placement of the straps.

I have dealt with the placement of the straps in more detail, in a separate post on Swim Goggle Straps.

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However, anything that interferes with the eyepiece having a good suction on your eye sockets is going to cause you problems when you put your face under the water. That's what this video concentrates on. The fit around the eyes, with a brief comment on the straps. It is well worth watching.


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