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Private One To One Swimming Lessons Are They The Best Choice?

Choosing Private One To One swimming Lessons?

Are you deciding whether you should put your child in private one to one swimming lessons or a group class? Private lessons are very popular. But is that always the best option? There are pros and cons for private lessons just are there are for group lessons.

Obviously, the biggest factor is your child's personality. Some children thrive in a group, where as others do much better in a one on one class. But often that is completely irrelevant if you have a child that is struggling.

If I Were A Parent With A New Swimmer

If I were a parent with a new swimmer, I would choose a private class over a group every time, if my child were struggling or not advancing as fast as I think they should. Of course, I have the advantage of knowing what I am looking for and that is not always the case with parents or guardian. So you may have to be guided by a swim teacher that you know and trust or that comes highly recommended.

Image of a child in a pool holding a kick board being guided by a young woman. Sometimes private one to one swimming lessons are not the best for you child
Group or Private Lessons. Which is Best?

There Has Been One Instance

There has been one instance in my swim teaching career, where I have recommended to a parent that their child goes from a private class to a group class. It was a child with Cerebral palsy and she was minimally verbal but although she clearly loved my class. I noticed that she was much quicker to pick up what needed to be done when she watched the class next to me.

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The parents were very resistant but eventually, they were persuaded and she excelled.

If you are pondering whether to put your child into a group or private lesson, Laurie Lawrence has come up with a very useful list of pros and cons of group versus private. It is well worth a read.


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  1. From Unknown (profile no longer exists but I liked the comment so much I wanted to keep it and this is the only way I could think of doing it. Republished for November 1, 2018 after a google updated.)
    I love your article, I teach swimming almost all one on one. I have 30 years experience and the mother of 4 grown children all lifeguards and 2 WSI. Having a master swim instructor is key to progress either way. Working with special needs and beginners requires experience . I tell my families to do a mixture of both 2 private lessons and one group a week thru the summer has been my perfect balance. Thanks for all your wonderful work 💕👍🏻🧜🏻‍♀️