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How Swim Videos Helped Me Learn To Swim

My Swimming Experience: How Swim Videos Helped Me

"There are many people who take to water like fish to sea, I wasn't one of them," says rey012, who has taken some time out to fill us in on his experience in using swim videos.

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I was an enthusiastic student growing up, that is until it was time to go for swimming lessons.

I began swimming lessons relatively late in the day, I was already 10 years old and had acquired a very unhealthy fear of water. I remember that the swimming teachers tried to do all they could to get me to float but the moment they let go of me, down and under the water, I went in a great big panic.

I came up with the most fabulous excuses for why I couldn't go swimming: I'd left my swimming suit at home, I wasn't well, and so on.

Before I knew it, I was 29 years old and still clueless about how to swim. Something about approaching 30 years old made me think about swimming again and I started to watch swim videos. I wanted to learn how to swim but I still wondered if I could really overcome my fear of water.

I Searched For Swim Videos

I searched for swim videos and found out that it can be done; I wasn't the only adult learner who had had a rough entry into the world of swimming. I signed up for private swimming lessons and began to prepare for them by watching swim videos.

These videos helped me in many ways. I learned the importance of relaxing I realized that the reason I had never been able to float was simply that I could never relax. I watched swim videos that explained clearly why it is that if you relax, you can't drown, that your body has the natural capacity to float. I was also amazed to find out that you can breathe just fine underwater by blowing bubbles. This was all very useful to me when it came to my first day in the pool and I floated for the first time in my life.

Though I could hear my instructor's voice say to me that I should stretch my arms as far as I could, what was playing in my head was what I had watched in swim videos about being completely relaxed and trusting that the body is made to float.

Male Swimmer On Starting Block with a coach behind him. March 2008 Orca Swim Meet, at the Helene Madison Pool in Seattle, Washington. This is How Swim Videos can help with swimming and coaching
Male Swimmer On Starting Block

I Learned Technical Skills

I learned technical skills in advance of swimming lessons I think I would have been overwhelmed if I went to my swimming lessons completely clueless about the various swimming strokes the instructor was teaching. Instead, I took to watching swim videos about the different strokes so that I at least had a mental picture formed about what I would be trying to do.

That was a great help to me because when I went into my swimming lessons, I wasn't grappling with understanding the technical aspects of things while also just trying to stay relaxed. I learned what not to do

Videos Highlighted How Not To Do Strokes

Finally, it is watching swim videos that especially showed me what not to do because the videos highlighted how not to do strokes. Little tips here and there about mistakes that swimmers make went a long way towards making me a good swimmer.

I recommend watching swim videos as a part of your swimming training as a beginner, it helped me a great deal.


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