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Learn How to Swim 101 - Flutter Kick - Movie

What is a flutter kick?

Well it's the basic kick that is used in freestyle and backstroke. It's called a flutter kick because it is a short up and down movement like the fluttering of a wings. As distinct from a long kicking movement like that of kicking a football or a cyclical movement like that you would do when you ride a bicycle.

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Now mind you if a swim student is having trouble changing from a cycling action to a flutter kick, I very commonly will encourage them to try to pretend they are kicking a football with their legs in order to exaggerate the correct action. But a kicking of the football action is not a flutter kick.

A Good Flutter Kick is dependent on having Filppy Foppy Feet That is your ankles move freely as though you have flipper (swim fins) on. In fact it a very useful drill to use flippers when you are swimming so as to get the feel of the kicking movement that is required for optimum propulsion in the water.

I have created a little movie below in the hope that you will be able see the action. It worth taking note that there is no splashing of the feet. Splashing reduces forward motion it doesn't increase it.

Splashing is caused by the feet leaving the water. Once your feet leave the water they are kicking the air and air is very inefficient at generating thrust in the water. No matter what anybody says your feet are not sails and using them as such will not help you swim.

Instead of making a splash with your feet you should be trying to make the water agitate or bubble the water. You could say it like making the water boil but I wouldn't use the word "boil" to young children boiling water may produce pictures of scolding hot water and frighten them, "Bubbling" works well.

Agitate or bubble the water produces eddies that not only give you resistance to kick against but produce forward motion by generating backwards thrust and the more backward trust the more forward motion (remember every action produces an equal and opposite reaction).

Anyway I hope you enjoy the movie and that it helps.


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