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How To Kick in Swimming For Beginners - Flippy Floppy Feet

Of all the things that are hardest for all students to comprehend, one of them is the concepts of how to kick in swimming for beginners to get propulsion using your feet.

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How To Kick in Swimming For Beginners

In effect you can't get much movement in the water if any at all with stiff feet. the most effective form of kicking is with "flippy floppy feet". By this I mean that if your feet remain rigid during the kicking process then you are going to to struggle to get any movement in the water from your kick. Your feet need to remain relaxed and free to move in the water and with the pressure of the water. In other words "flippy floppy feet".

It is not unusual for students to actually go backwards whilst kicking with rigid feet. Mostly because they are concentrating so much on getting straight legs. It is quite a knack to be able to relax your feet and at the same time keep your legs straight.

Of course in reality you don't want stiff legs either. You only want you knees to have a minimum bend in order to utilizes you upper leg muscles. Most learners use their lower leg muscles and it they are just not strong enough to give the kind of power needed for an effective kick.

Whilst not being unique to adults they certainly are the ones that seem to struggle with it the most with this. Probably because of a less supple body in the first place, but I thing more because of the fear they have developed for swimming over the years of their non swimming.

You can't quite see the young student in this video using flippy floppy feet. But if you look closely at the feet of the instructor as she is showing the student you can clearly see beautiful "flippy floppy Feet" just as she describes it.

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