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Underwater Viewer: As An Aquatic Development Device

Using An Underwater Viewer To Help Overcome Fear

One of the definite pros of being a Swim teacher is that I get to go into toy shops and stay as long as I like, with the excuse that I'm looking for "Aquatic development devices". Some times this works out that I come across some really useful stuff. Such as this underwater viewer.

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For example the other day I bought an underwater viewer and a miniature remote control submarine. I've so far decided that the remote control submarine is too fragile to allow my swimming students to play with. This, of course, means that I have to keep it at home for private use until I can develop better uses ;-)

The underwater viewer however has proved to be quite useful with some students. Particularly those that are afraid to put their face in the water. Several students seemed to be much happier once the had seen that there was nothing under there that could bother them.

Image of an underwater viewer as an aquatic development devices, to help children overcome their fear of the water.
Underwater Viewer For Aquatic Development

Of course not all students. There were some that the underwater viewer had little effect on. But still, I am pleased with the results. Enough to encourage me to go back to those horrible toy stores and spend more money. :-D


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