Pool Water Slides

Water slides a great fun.

But what if you don't have one at your pool?

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Some of the other instructors have come up with a solution to this by using a rubber mat. If your pool has a dip in it such as pools with a gutter in them all you have to do is lay the mat on the side and let people slide. Always with good supervision of course.

If you don't have a dip in the pool such as level guttering pools, it is often easy enough to make a dip by putting something under the mat. Something that is the same width as the mat is safest. You don't want any accidents of children falling off the side onto the ground or worse.

You don't have to make it very high. Around a foot or 30cm is more than enough. Obviously make sure there is no running or uninstructed jumping and that the mat is secure.

Simple but effective and a lot of fun.


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