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Underwater Viewer part 2

More About The Underwater Viewer

I've been using the underwater viewer for some time and I am now finding more functionality for it.

To begin with I've found that if you turn it upside down it actually has a kaleidoscope effect. The kids get a great kick out of this!

The other thing I've found that is just a bit more useful is that you can encourage the children to look at you or even better at each other under the water. They seem to love jumping underwater to look up the underwater end of the viewer and the others love looking at them.

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I even had one child decide to put their head underwater for the first time (with some encouragement) because they were desperate to try it

Other parts that they can look at underwater, of course, are hand and other body parts as well as toys and the lines or just the tiles on the bottom of the pool. It great if you have images on the bottom of the pool.

Funny how the simple things can become the most useful.


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