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Games for Swimming Lessons:- Ring a Ring a Rosie Alternative

Very Popular Games for Swimming Lessons

The game of Ring a Ring a Rosie is one of many very popular Games for Swimming Lessons (see Video below).The idea is that all the children gather in a circle and hold hands. Walking around in a circle singing:

Ring a Ring a Rosy
A pocket full of posies
A tissue A tissue
We all fall down

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The idea being to encourage children to bob down and put their head underwater.

It's a good concept but I don't play the game very much these days. After you have sung the song several thousand times it drives you nuts!

Besides I found that children love the concept but still won't put their head underwater until they are ready or I have used other methods to encourage them to put the head in the water.

I Use A Variation

These days I use a variation on the game I've called "Running Round the Corner".

The idea is that all the children gather in a circle and hold hands. Running around in a circle singing:

Running round the corner
Running very fast
Running round the corner
Getting there at last

You then tell all the kids to let go and spin around. The whirlpool then takes them in all direction and if you are lucky, some fall over. You pick them up and praise them up for going under and have a good laugh.

Some children get a bit scared off the first time particularly if they do fall over. But they can usually be encouraged to join back in if you promise to go slower.

The song goes with many tunes but you don't have to sing it you can say it and the Kids just love it.

It doesn't get the kids heads under any more than Ring a Ring Rosy does, but it's just as much fun and is a great alternative to Ring a Ring Rosy.

It's biggest advantage is that the children who are daunted by Ring a Ring Rosy are usually less daunted by Running round the corner.


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