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How To Swim 101 - More on Flutter Kick

How To Swim: More on Flutter Kick

I'm constantly doing research; well when I get the time that is and I came across this short movie on flutter kick and how to practice it. I thought it was really good so I decided I'd share it.

The movie (below) does a great job of building on what I have outlined about basic flutter kick.

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My only proviso would be that I would personally prefer that, for a relatively new swimmer or someone who has only just mastered the correct breathing technique, most of if not all of this drill should be done with a kickboard.

My reason for thinking that is: if you look at the movie you will note that the swimmer is extending their head out of the water when they are taking their breath. Such an action would not be a problem to an already competent swimmer that is only trying to improve their stroke but to someone who is not so confident it is a very difficult thing to do; especially if you are doing this drill to strengthen a very week kick in the first place. Once you get proficient at your kick by drill I encourage you to go without a kickboard as it will have that added advantage of strengthening your legs and therefore your kick.

Aside from the above, I think it is a great movie.


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