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Backstroke Swimming Steps - Your Very Own Step x Step Guide

Backstroke Swimming Steps, The Most Logical After Back Float

From my point of view, Backstroke is the next most logical step after you have learned Back Float Swimming.
Picture of a swimmer doing backstroke: This article is about Backstroke Swimming Steps - Your Very Own Step x Step Guide
Backstroke: Your First Stroke

Think about it, why would you put all that effort into learning how to float on your back if you are simply going to turn over and start to swim on your front.

Backstroke has no fancy breathing techniques, no special kick, your face is out of the water unless you catch a splash, wake or wave and as long as you can float on your back you can cope with practically any eventuality. Even if you do get a mouthful of water, you can just keep swimming until your mouth and throat clears.

All My Students Learn To Backstroke After Back Float

I teach all my students to backstroke as soon as they start to begin to be able to float and now I am offering my technique to you in a step by step guide called "Backstroke Swimming Steps - A Step x Step Guide".

This special Step by Step guide, may completely change the way you approached Backstroke Swimming! Especially if you have been struggling.

It comes with my usual 100% money-back guarantee, so you are not risking your hard-earned money.

If you have been struggling with backstroke or you are just simply curious to know how another experienced swim teacher teaches it, then this is the guide for you.

If you are not convinced go and click on over to the information page and get your copy. you'll find lots more infomation there


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