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Swim Better Freestyle: Elbow Drop Reduces Propulsion

Swim Better Freestyle: Don't Swim With You Elbows

Swim better freestyle

There are of course a myriad of things that may interfere with your ability to swim better freestyle and could cause you to have a weak stroke and have poor propulsion when you are learning to swim. One of them, which even proficient swimmers fall for from time to time, the elbow drop.

The video below covers a lot more than just dropping your elbow and you can't go wrong working on any of the faults it covers. But I do like the clarity of the elbow dropping and you can immediately see the improvement after the fault is fixed.

Fixing The Elbow Drop

Dropping your elbow is one of the more subtle faults and is, therefore, can get missed leaving both swimmers and instructors a little perplexed sometimes.

It is one of the reasons I am a big proponent of putting goggles on and watching students from below the water as they progress. You can't expect to see everything from above the water. This fault, in particular, is much more easily picked up from under the water. If you are not a teacher but a learner then it pays to have a friend watch the video and pop-under the water so that they can see to help you overcome issues such as these.

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If no one is available to watch you under the water you can just go ahead and do the fixes in the video. It is easier with an underwater spotter but you can still fix it without help.

Fixing your elbow drop will mean that you will be working much harder in the water but the benefit is that you will end up with a much stronger stroke and much better propulsion.


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