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Swimming Freestyle: Narrow That Flutter Kick

Narrow That Flutter Kick When Swimming Freestyle:

I know I keep coming back to flutter kick but it is one of the most neglected parts of a swimming stroke. Well not to begin with but once a person is has learned the basics of freestyle the first thing that they forget about is their kick.

It's easy to understand because most of the power of most swimmer comes from their stroke. Because they can get away with not moving their legs they tend to forget about them. But the kick does more than moving a swimmer forward and why would you want to give away all that extra forward momentum if you don't have to.

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A good kick stabilizes you in the water, it raises you up in the water and it gives that extra forward movement to help when you breathe.

Here is a video that has an excellent description of the flutter kick. One day I'll find a video that gives a slow-motion view of the leg action and I'll write something on that too. It's worth it.


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