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Freestyle Swimming Tips, Mostly But Some Backstroke

Freestyle Swimming Tips From A Hip Hopper

If you are not a hip hop fan (as I am not, so I hope you will forgive me if I got the style of music incorrect) don't be put off by the intro and finish music because whilst this is not the most concise video on freestyle I've ever seen, it is worth a watch for someone who swimming but still new to it.

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In His Own Unique Way

In his own unique way most of what this guy says is quite correct and with his dry land demonstrations he show details that the vast majority by far, of professional swimmers fail to show in their videos.

There is no discussion of correct entry and exit of arms but the visuals are quite clear never-the-less.

He has a very good grasp of body rotation and although the discussion is not comprehensive it is clear and will give an early swimmer some idea of what to work on.

Discussion On Kicking

The discussion on kicking is a little too simplistic in that, although it is exactly the way I would l explain a correct kick to children, it is not words I would use with adults because a good flutter kick does have some bend in the knee. The visuals are excellent however in that there is clear flippy floppy feet and straight legs with enough relaxation in the knees to create good propulsion. I think you will see what I mean when you watch.


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