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Cameras in The Pool Area & Swimming Lessons

Cameras and Swimming Lessons

"I just want to take a photo of my baby" is often the surprised response of the proud parent who I've just informed that unfortunately, they can't use their camera in the pool area.

Picture of a boy, upside down in the pool and wearing Goggles, giving the camera a thumbs up. Cameras in The Pool Area & Swimming Lessons
Cameras in The Pool At Swimming Lessons

I always feel a bit sorry for the bewildered parent as I try to explain that it is the privacy laws that make it difficult. But it is for both the protection of their child and others.

Cameras on at a swimming pool can be very tricky. Every pool has a different policy with regard to their use as they try to interpret the law.

Some pools don't allow any camera use at all; others allow it with some restrictions; others still, only allow camera use if you sign some sort of agreement and maybe even sometimes an indemnity form. So if you are going to a camera in the swimming pool environment, make sure you are not breaking any privacy or other legalities.

Within that context, an underwater camera is not only a great swimming tool but great fun.

I've only used one waterproof camera; with permission of course, and that is the Agfaphoto compact 109uw.

Why did I choose that particular camera?

Well, I'd like to say that it was because it was some particularly special technical reason or that it was because of its superior photo quality or its feel and striking looks. I can't even say that it has a great pixel rating. It gets the job done but you wouldn't want it for professional photos. The reality is that I chose this camera because it was genuinely cheap for a genuinely waterproof camera.

The camera is completely sealed in that to retrieve your images you need to remove the memory card. This is a little inconvenient but does make the sealing much more secure. Unlike a waterproof camera, my son bought that leaked and blew upon its first use.

The next question is of course, why did I want a waterproof camera?

In my case, all I wanted was to be able to take photos of some of my favourite students underwater.

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The problem has always been getting permission to use photos or videos. So you won't see many of the ones I've taken online. However, it is great for that purpose. You won't get very good photos from any kind of distance shots either above the water and defiantly not below; however, it is ideal for low res mid to close photos and videos.

If you are going to take photos of your own children in a private pool or if you own a commercial pool and are happy to contend with the privacy laws of your state and if you only want an inexpensive basic camera this one works.

But the purpose of this post was not to make a case for any particular camera but rather a heads up to say that cameras are fun in the pool both as a source of some wonderful memories and great coaching and teaching tool. But using them in the pool environment is not always straight forward and you should ask before you click.


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