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Breaststroker's Knee: Good Kick, Easing Pain and a Bad Kick Fix

Easing thee pain of Breaststroker's Knee

This post is not just about easing the pain in your knees if breaststroke is painful for you. It can help your Breaststroker's Knee but it does so much more.

Wait... Get Your Lesson Plans Here

In my post Learn How To Swim 101 - Breaststroke - Common Faults I try to describe the use of a pull boy in a drill for those struggling with the breaststroke (frog) kick.

I've also posted about breaststroke knee pain before.

Image of a swimmer doing breaststroke with a pull bouy between his knees, Avoiding Breaststroker's Knee
Avoiding Breaststroker's Knee
Well not only does this video contribute to helping with breaststroke knee pain it also is precisely what I describe in the Learn How To Swim 101 - Breaststroke - Common Faults.

Just Can't See It?

So if you have been having problems with your frog kick either from pain or you just can't get the shape correct; or if you are a swim teacher and are looking for a drill to help your students with either of these problems; or if you've read my description of this drill before and just can't see it; well now you can.

I hope you get a "kick" out of it (grown... that was a very bad joke).


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