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Breaststroke Kick Issues and Knee Pain

Breaststroke Kick Issues and Knee Pain

Do you ever suffer from pain in your knees when you do a breaststroke kick? I know I have. In my case its a combination of getting older and non swimming related injury. But it not always because of injury or age. Pain in you knees when you do breaststroke can also be from over use too much swimming (over training) and sometimes it can be just because its your body shape.

Whatever the reason it's not fun to want to be a breaststroke swimmer and have to suffer.

This is a great little video from the website www.goswim.tv that gives some excellent ideas on how to work around pain in your knee and still enjoy your breaststroke.

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The Video

The video is directed towards competitive swimmer but if you ignore those comment then everything that is said can be applied to everyday swimming and even those who have newly learned the stroke.

There is another drill to overcome this problem using a pull boy. This is the same drill I sometimes use to help some students with a common fault when learning the breaststroke kick that I have called the club foot effect(not the disorder).

In the mean time the drill below will have the same affect. It's just a little harder to implement as it is subjective. Mind you if you have knee pain that suggestiveness is pretty definitive as you will know if you are doing it wrong because of the pain in your knees


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