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Great Jobs for Good Swimmers

Looking for work?
Can You swim?

A good swimming teacher will never be out of work. I've said this many times to friends and acquaintances who have been short of work. But that's not the only job swimmers can get. Shane explains.

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Great Jobs for Good Swimmers

When you're considering jobs that may be available to you, it's more than likely that you are focusing on your organizational skills, knowledge in a field, education or ability to manage several different tasks at once. But some jobs require the ability to swim! Here are the best jobs for good swimmers.


Whether you want to work at the pool or the beach, you are going to need good swimming skills as a lifeguard. Your job is to make sure that everyone stays safe in the water. In certain instances, you're going to have to dive into the pool or ocean and save someone who is drowning or in another form of distress. In addition to strong swimming skills, you also need first aid skills and to be physically able to bring another person safely to the shore.

Swimming Instructors

Many parents are enrolling their children in swimming lessons these days because they want them to be safe in the water. It is not possible to teach someone else how to swim if you can't do it yourself!

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Perhaps you are not interested in teaching swim lessons to younger children, but you want to work with a team. As the coach of a high school or college level team, you may not spend a lot of time in the water yourself, but you will have to know how to guide others.

Water Aerobics Instructors

If you have ever watched water aerobics on television, you've probably noticed that the instructors stay outside of the pool. This is so that the participants are able to actually see the moves that the instructor is performing. Despite this, water aerobics instructors still need strong swimming skills. First, they have to understand how the water changes a person's abilities to participate in aerobics and which moves are appropriate for an aquatic center. Additionally, they want to be able to help individuals in the class if something occurs, much like a lifeguard.

Professional Swimmers

Of course, you also need to have exceptional swimming skills if you want to be a professional swimmer. Not only do you need to be able to move across the pool at a sprightly pace, but you also have to understand the form. Individuals who are on certain teams need to look good and swim at a rapid pace. These statements are even more true if you aspire to be an Olympic swimmer or someone who performs great feats, like crossing channels. Never forget that you don't have to be an Olympic swimmer to perform these feats - any average Joe can cross the English channel at their own pace with practice and the right mentality.

What should you do if your swimming skills are not quite what you need them to be? Well, you should absolutely start taking swimming lessons - whether you're a beginner who needs to learn from or a veteran who needs to gain endurance. Training can be beneficial for everyone - it's never too late to perfect your skills!

   Shane Barrows

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