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Down Syndrome Swimmers Adaptive Aquatic Tips

Adaptive Aquatic Tips for Swimmers with Down Syndrome

Hi, swim angel fishes here to give your
parents and swim instructors some tips to do with your swimmers with Down Syndrome that will work across the lifespan.

picture of a little girl in the pool with Down Syndrome: Down Syndrome swimmers
Down Syndrome Swimmers

Drink Water

Some of the swimmers we have that have Down syndrome we've seen that they drink a little water so you might want to try a tip of putting a little foam bath letter in their mouth as they're swimming gives them something to hold between their lips. Or just model closing your lips and humming as you swim to get that lip closure.

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Holding A Little One With Down Syndrome

You might notice low tone (in their bodies) so maybe they're going to float a little easier and get a little more confused about where they are in space because they are so buoyant. If you have a little child or a little baby with Down syndrome and you're really trying to work with them on strengthening in the water remember that they're working from wherever your hands are up. If you're a parent holding a little one with Down syndrome in the water and you're holding them under their armpits they're only working their head. Try holding them a little lower down around their hips and letting them really work their trunk as you move side to side and in all directions to get that core strengthening.

Fitness Routine

Through the lifespan, a great way to maintain a healthy weight is to have a fitness routine at the pool. This will help make friends, be social and join in some cardiovascular workouts in the pool.

Swim Whisperer

If you want to see a swim Whisperer in action you are going to love our swim whisper story you can find it in our blog https://swimangelfish.com/teaching-swimming-skills-to-children-with-downs-syndrome/ of a little girl named Jane who's seven years old she's a little bit of a trickster and you can see her in her slim whistling lesson.


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