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The SMART Way to “Push” Little Swimmers

The SMART Way to “Push” Little Swimmers

There is a smart way to push little children to start swimming and help them build up both their confidence and their abilities.

Image of a toddler crawling after a toy on the side of a pool whilst being cafully watched by a swim teacher. Goals are The SMART Way to “Push” Little Swimmers
Goals The SMART Way to “Push” Little Swimmers

When you have your young children set goals it will help increase their motivation to achieve the goals and also raise their self-confidence. The SMART method is a way to set goals and the letters stand for specific, measurable, achievable, results and time. When you use this method to set your goals you have a much greater chance of achieving them.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on specifics when teaching the mechanics of swimming to youngsters.
  • Use distance, depth, quantities and time to measure the progress children are making.
  • Goals should have a time frame to create a sense of urgency without being too strict.

"Goal setting is an important tool in eliminating limitations and motivating little swimmers to do their best."

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