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The Benefits of Water Play in Early Childhood Development

The Benefits of Water Play in Early Childhood Development

Water play includes swimming, playing with toys in the water, or playing water games. Believe it or not, water play can be beneficial for a child's development.

Image of a happy swim teacher anf her toddler student having fun with water play.
Water Play

Water play can promote motor skills which are critical for physical movement. It can also boost cognitive and social skills, encouraging children to communicate with others. Water play is also great for self-awareness and can help children explore the world around them, including different senses such as sound and touch.

Key Takeaways:

  • Playing in the water can help children improve their motor skills and muscle strength.
  • Water play can help your child with regard to problem-solving as well as socializing with others.
  • Water play allows children to learn new textures and experience different types of temperatures.

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"When it comes to water play, it's the same – the pool toys you choose can define the play, ultimately impacting their development. And sometimes even the simplest games and toys can make a huge difference."

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