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Backstroke, Smoothly & Efficiently.

Doing Backstroke, Smoothly and Efficiently.

Here is a link to a YouTube short showing coach Mandy doing the backstroke.

Image of a swimmer doing backstroke viewed from below. It is Coach Mandy of SwimVice doing the Backstroke.
Coach Mandy Backstroke of SwimVice

I'd normally embed this video but unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to do that yet. However, I really like this video as it shows a nice smooth, relatively slow backstroke action.

If you are new to backstroke or you just simpley want to know how to do it well then you should study this video.

  • The things to note are the bent arm action as she goes through the recovery phase of each stroke
  • The rotation of her body as she places her arm in the water getting ready for the catch phase
  •  This allows her to fully extend her arms so that she can grab as much water as possible.

  • The little finger (not her thumb) of her hand entering the water first
  • Her arm does not leave the water until it reaches her thighs
  • Her arms are not touching her head in at all even though they get very close to her ears
  • Her fingers are relaxed and not clenched together

All these actions togeter allow for a shooth and efficient stroke.

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If you are new to any of these activities you should practice each, one at a time. Once you begin to feel comfortable, only then should you add the next action.

Pacticing this way you'll soon be doing backstroke smoothly and efficiently too.


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