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Breaststroke: Slowest Swimming Stroke's Most Common Mistakes

Breaststroke: The Slowest Swimming Stroke's Most Common Mistakes

Breaststroke is considered to be all the slowest swimming strokes. Common mistakes will slow you down even more.

The most common mistakes a swimmer can make when performing slow swimming strokes, will require much more energy to get momentum back, instead of using it to go faster, which is counterproductive. Being unable to hold ones breath for a long period of time can be a huge loss of time when it comes to the breaststroke and one of the most common mistakes as well.

Picture of a male swimmer doing breaststroke.  Viewed from in front of the swimmer looking at their face as he takes a breath. Is Breaststroke the slowest of the swimming strokes?
Breaststroke The Slowest Swimming Stroke?

Key Takeaways:

  • Breaststroke is commonly regarded as the least speedy swimming stroke for professional swimmers.
  • With strong and continuous momentum, however, it is possible for pro swimmers to develop a fast breaststroke, even though the breaststroke is the most technical swimming stroke.
  • A major problem that can impede breaststroke users is an inability to hold their breath for a long enough time.

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"That means not making any common swimming mistakes that slows down their forward momentum."

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