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Swimming Crooked During Backstroke?

Avoiding Swimming Crooked During Backstroke

In this Video coach Mandy addresses a very common problem with backstroke and how to correct it. The issue is swimming crooked when doing Backstroke.

Mandy shows the difference in her body position when this occurs and then follows that with a demonstration on how to correct it.

In the first demonstration you'll to see how her right arm sweeps across the shoulder line. It is easy to see what happens to her posture. It starts to veer to the right so, if you maintain the same form you are going to be swimming crooked.

This is really common in backstroke if you sweep more on one side you're going to veer in that direction.

Your the legs play for balance because when your body's out of balance your legs are going to react to that.

Correct The Error

In the video Mandy then show how do you correct this error.

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You'll notice her left arm is shoulder width apart. Nice and wide and her head is neutral. In order to maintain swimming straight you have to keep your head straight and most importantly your arms need to enter the water equally, shoulder-width apart, this will avoid any twisting.

In summary, You need to keep your head straight and your arm entering equally shoulder-width apart. The only thing left you need to do and and it is most important is relaxed.


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