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Vitamin C: Is It Cold Prevention For Swimmers?

It's a common belief that vitamin C helps prevent colds. The notion was popularized by Nobel laureate Dr Linus Pauling who recommended a large dose of vitamin C to combat a cold. When put to the test, the theory has mixed results.

Image of a young girl trying to get her vitamin c by drinking orange juice out of a 2lt bottle
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Studies have shown that among very active individuals such as soldiers and those in extreme sports, vitamin C can cut the odds of developing a cold in half. However, for the average person, a 200 mg dose per day translates to around one less day of illness per cold.

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Key Takeaways:

  • When a person gets a cold the very first thing they think of as a remedy is vitamin C. Does it really work?
  • Studies have shown that when people consume vitamin c at the onset of a cold, it is really not very effective.
  • If you are concerned about getting a cold during the cold season, the best course of action is to make vitamin C a regular part of your diet, not just when you get sick.

"If you want the benefits of vitamin C, you'll need to consume it every day, and not just at the start of cold symptoms."

Read more: https://www.health.harvard.edu/cold-and-flu/can-vitamin-c-prevent-a-cold?utm_id=386150&dlv-ga-memberid=32413555&mid=32413555&ml=386150


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