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Swim Schools: Communicate & Connect During Tough Times

Communication For Swim Schools During Tough Times

Maintaining relationships and communication during tough times is a challenge that all small businesses, not just swim schools face from time to time. Particularly Now!

Image of a happy child in the swimming pool wearing google: Swim schools need communicating during tough times

For small business owners, communication is very important since consumers have a multitude of questions about when your business will be back in operation as well as COVID-compliance. So, in addition to regularly updating them with all pertinent details of your business, it is also a good idea to ask about their welfare to foster the relationship you had prior to coronavirus.

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Communicating in a positive and clear manner will help maintain these relationships as well as retain their business when things return to normal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tell your customers when you plan to re-open, or if you don't know, tell them that.
  • Try to be positive, upbeat and reassuring in your communications with customers.
  • Every communication needs a call-to-action, such as a poll, questionnaire or link.

"Find a balance between communicating your re-opening strategy and keeping the excitement up for the opening day."


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