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Toddlers Swimming Lessons And Pre-Schoolers Major Benefits

Swimming Lessons, For The Very Young, Have Lots Of Pre-Swim Concepts

When a water program, even if it goes under the expected name of, swimming lessons, is aimed at the very young, it generally incorporates a lot of pre-swim and auxiliary to actual swimming concepts. These might include getting comfortable in the water, gaining confidence in a water medium and also water safety.

Image of a swim teacher in the pool coaching a toddler on the side of the pool after a toy duck: Toddlers Swimming Lessons
Toddlers Swimming Lessons

Small children, that is those of four years of age and younger, do not have the mental wherewithal to appreciate the dangers inherent in water. For that age grouping curiosity trumps risk assessment every time. So, caregivers need to know that water lessons, though valuable, do not safeguard any child against the possibility of drowning.

That said, even small kids can benefit from water classes that do two very important things. They instil and reinforce basic water safety knowledge and they start the youngster down the road of acquiring basic water orientation and swimming skills.

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Key Takeaways


  • Children under the age of four are not mentally capable of understanding the dangers associated with water.
  • Swimming lessons can teach young children about the importance of safety and how to behave when they are in a swimming pool.
  • Young children can learn how to hold their breath in the water and how to blow bubbles in the water.

"water-familiarisation classes taken through swim schools are not designed to teach children to survive independently in the aquatic environment, and they DO NOT make your child drown-proof."

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