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The Top 6 Reasons Why Your Legs Sink When You Do Freestyle

Six Reasons Your Legs Sink in Freestyle

There are six reasons your legs sink when you are swimming freestyle. This video outlines all of those reasons and how to fix them.

It sounds simple. All you have to do when you are swimming is:

  • Make sure that you don't lift my head
  • Avoid pressing down with my hands on the water
  • That is, make sure your hands enter the water at an angle by bending your wrists and pointing your fingers into the water towards the bottom of the pool
  • Hold your butt cheeks in while pressing your belly button upwards
  • Look in the direction you are travelling in
  • and
  • Stop using your knees when you kick

Hmm, perhaps it sounds more complicated than I first thought.

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Of course, it is by far and away better to watch the video rather than read the description but once you do I feel certain that you will understand exactly what I have written.


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