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Hydrophobia – 8 Important Drills That May Be A Big Help

Hydrophobia - A Fear of Water

Hydrophobia is a condition that people have where they have a fear of water. Approximately, 20% of the general population have this condition. Fortunately, there are some exercises that can be done to help people who are hydrophobic overcome their anxiety. Long Dog Swim and The Lung Meridian are two drills that experts use to treat hydrophobics. These exercises are part of The West Method. They can be completed alone or with assistance by a therapist, if needed.

Image of a man staring at the water: this article is about Hydrophobia - A Fear of Water
Hydrophobia - A Fear of Water

Key Takeaways:

  • Many who experience feat of the water, or hydrophobia, may wish to conquer their fear, but will not consider learning alone.
  • Many hydrophobics will not even enter a pool by themselves. Learning to swim for these individuals require a the commitment of a guide and mentor.
  • Swimming experts suggest that if a water-fearing individual can consider at least walking in water alone, perhaps making circular motions with his arms, it would be a valuable step towards swimming.

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"20% of the population suffers from water fear, hydrophobia. Many people do not start the process because of the fear of failure and/or economic reasons since sometimes such a process can take time."

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