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How To Improve Your Child's Swimming Skills - A Parents Guide

You Can Improve Your Child's Swimming Skills

Let me ask you some questions about your child's swimming skills?
  • Does your child seem to be taking a long time to progress through their swimming lessons?
  • Does it seem like other children move through at a much faster pace?
  • Is your child still scared to put their face in the water after numerous lessons?
  • Or do you just want to speed the whole process up?

How Do You Get Full Value From Your Child's Swimming Lessons

Your child needs to learn how to swim and of that there can be no doubt. But I have also seen how many parents get frustrated as their child progresses through the stages. Especially when their child seems to stall with no noticeable improvement as the lesson continue and you can't help but to suspect that you are throwing good money after bad.

I've actually experienced this myself because my own children would not learn swimming from their father so I had to resort to paying for lessons. When my wife came home from one of my child's swim lesson very upset at the lack of progress she asked me to go and have a look to make sure she was not imagining it. I did and she was not. I immediately saw what the problem was and I was able to have it rectified.

This was an easy fix for me because I had the knowledge but of course that doesn't help if you don't have the knowledge and you feel at the mercy of the "experts". Fortunately there is a solution to that and it doesn't involve you becoming an experienced swim teacher.

How to improve your child's swimming skills will help

Image of a happy child swimming underwater: this article is about How To Improve Your Child's Swimming Skills - A Parents Guide
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How to improve your child's swimming skills is not a “how-to” manual. It is not about teaching your child to swim yourself and it doesn't offer advanced swimming technique advice. What it does do is give you information, as a parent or guardian, on how you can help your child improve their swimming skills whilst they continue to attend their regular lessons.

I was sent this little book some time ago to review and it was immediately obvious that it is aimed at the parent who cares but is with limited swimming experience. It's explanations are easy to understand manner with helpful illustrations.

Skills cover include:
  • Learning how to confidently submerge
  • Breath control and efficient breathing
  • Correct body position and effective kicking
  • Overcoming a fear of deep water
How To Improve Your Child’s Swimming Skills also covers many other relevant topics such as:
  • How many lessons per week are necessary?
  • The pros and cons of private lessons
  • Are baby classes worth the effort?

This book is about you helping them to become confident and capable swimmers and I highly recommend it to every parent and guardian. More than that I think that every good swim teacher should be recommending to to the parents and guardian of all their students. It will make things easier for everybody.


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