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Adult Swimming: How to Teach an Adult to Swim

What You Should Know When You Teach An Adult To Swim

When you're teaching an adult to swim it's important to remember that they can benefit from setting their own goals.

Image of an the back of an adult standing by the water looking in: this is about teaching an adults to swim
Teaching An Adult To Swim

As the teacher it's important for you to know what those goals are so that you can work towards them together. Sometimes their goal could be fitness, other times a job they want may require it so they have to learn. With the younger adults, it's a bit more challenging because this age group has a difficult time with the slow process of learning. They're used to instant gratification so it could take a few extra steps to keep them motivated.

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Key Takeaways


  • Adults may want to learn how to swim in order to become more fit, while others may want to swim with their children.
  • Learn about the adult swimmer's past experiences with swimming and water to determine the best course for that individual.
  • Since adults who take swimming lessons are personally motivated to learn, this can make it easier to teach them.

"It is a common occurrence for this age group to struggle and become frustrated when they don't master a skill or stroke straight away."

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