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Can You Catch A Cold From Being Cold And Wet From Swim Lessons

You Get Wet When You Swim

Is it really true that if you don't dry yourself properly, particularly your hair, that you will catch your death of cold? Can you catch a cold from being cold and wet from swim lessons

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As I write this, I am sitting in a nice bright kitchen with the sun shining outside, in the middle of a barmy Australian summer. So as it is summer, I'm not at all concerned if any of students leave the pool wet. In fact, as it gets hotter most are happy to do so.

However it is a different story when winter comes around and those of you that are dealing with winter at the moment may already be confronting the above question from parents and careers. The question comes in a number of different forms but essentially it is the same one.

Let's face it we have been bought up to believe that cold weather and water are a combination that will lead to us getting a cold. However, the truth is as always, a bit more complex than that.

Can You Catch A Cold From Being Cold And Wet?

First of all, there is no question that it is not the cold that makes you sick it is getting infected with a virus that is the culprit for that. Which explains why some people spend lost of time in the cold and have no ill effects at all. That is their immune system fights off any attacking viruses.

However there is plenty of anecdotal evidence, over many generations, that is now being backed by science, that shows that, if we allow our body temperature to drop for extended periods of time it will reduce the efficiency of our bodies to fight off any viruses that we are exposed to.

Image of a women with water showering on her hair. This article asks:"Can You Catch A Cold From Being Cold And Wet From Swim Lessons"
Is Wet Hair Good For You?

The irony is that all the swimming that we or our kids do, is good exercise and good exercise actually improves the efficiency of our body to fight off infections. In fact, even when you have a cold, light, moderate exercise can be of benefit.

So the long and short of it is that although you could catch a cold by having wet hair when you leave the pool in winter, the chances are slim; unless you are exposed to a virus. Which explains why more people seem to catch a cold in the colder months despite the fact that your exposure to such a virus is statistically just as likely in the summer as the winter.

The good news for swim teachers is that, just like all teachers, your immune system is going to be pretty robust because of all the viruses you are exposed to by the very nature of working with people; particularly children.

My advice is that don't leave the pool in winter with wet hair. Not because you may catch a cold but because if you do you will get a cold head and if being dry helps avoid catching a cold that is just a bonus.


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