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Above Ground Pools And How To Open After the off Season

A Pool To Teach Swimming In

Years and years ago, I thought that it would be a good idea to install an in-ground pool in my back yard. The idea of teaching swimming out of my own home was very attractive. However, I never thought of an above ground pool.

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I had a young family and to be perfectly honest, I knew how much the school I was teaching for was making from my work, compared to how much I was getting from them and I thought I could do much better with my own pool. It also helped that my kids were all for it of course.

The idea all fell apart however when I realized that there was no way that the local authorities were going to let me have an in-ground pool as our back yard was on top of the main sewer line. The risk of damaging that thing was not even worth contemplating.

Image of an elliptical above ground pool
Above Ground Pools And How To Open After the off Season

An Above Ground Pool Never Occurred To Me

I must have had a mental block when it came to above ground pools because it never even occurred to me to install one of those instead. But all that changed when I went to work for someone who installed a 25 meter above ground pool in a factory. This was somewhat of a revelation to me as I never realized that you could get an above ground pool with those dimensions and many others.

I was reminded of all this when I came across this article How to Open an Above Ground Pool in 11 Steps . I now work in a multi-million dollar center and my kids have all grown up and I have moved houses several times so I don't have any motivation to have my own pool. but if you do I hope you find this information helpful.


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