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Swimming Goggle Repair - The Bridge Support, Cheap Pool Goggles

Swimming Goggle Repair Of The Bridge Support of Cheap Pool Goggles

I said in my video on the post Swim Goggle Straps Adjustment Of Cheap Kids Swim Goggles that once the bridge support on a cheap pair of goggles has been broken then you should just throw them away because it can't be repaired. Well, it turns out I was wrong! You can do a swimming goggle repair, of the bridge support of, cheap pool goggles.

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The video below shows you just how you can be repaid that bridge support.

I must admit that I was pretty impressed.

It is a lot of work however and I suspect that the glue would cost more than a pair of replacement goggles. Still, I guess that if your goggles held some kind of emotional attachment over you or perhaps you already had the glue available, then why not.

My advice would be to watch the video several times, however, before you tried the repair. There is a certain amount of skill associated so make sure you watch closely.


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