Freestyle Stroke Correction: Fix Your Hand Not Your Elbow Drop

A Hard Freestyle Stroke Correction Made Easy

I think that Paul makes an excellent point in the video below. Sooner of latter every swimmer is going to have someone tell them "you are dropping your elbow". This is particularly the case for beginners were there is always some well meaning person, wanting to help with your freestyle stroke correction. The problem is that fixing a dropped elbow is quite an intensive process and as Paul points out it may not even be the problem.

Lets face it, as a beginner fixing you hand position is much easier than trying to raise your elbow. In fact I venture to say that anybody no matter what their experience level would find that changing your had position is way easier than changing you elbow position.

From my point of view the video is a bit long and as a result the point is labored. I didn't find that I needed to watch the whole thing to get the point and figure how to fix the problem but you may find that the it's detail is a help.


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