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Breaststroke Breathing - Head Up & Follow the Eyes

Fixing That Breaststroke Breathing

Here is a little drill to help you with your breaststroke breathing; among other things.

Even after mastering basic breaststroke sometimes, new students suffer from poor timing of their breath. They will often find that they have to take a second stroke in order to have enough time to take a decent breath.

This can be frustrating as they can be oblivious to what they are doing wrong. However, usually, it is due to them moving or allowing their head to go too deep underwater between strokes.

It is simple to fix. All you need do is keep the back of your head from going too deep underwater. The water should skim over the top of your head at the very most.

As you can see from the video(below) even squad swimmers can sometimes have trouble with the head going too far under. But given that the beginner that is struggling with the problem already knows basic breaststroke, the drill in the video is ideal no matter what level you are at. Besides, why not fix the problem and improve the stroke as well.


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