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Swimming Lessons For 2 Year Olds Level Of Aquatic Classes

Swimming For 2 Year Olds

At the swimming for the 2-year-olds level of infant aquatic classes most, if not all schools require parents to be in the water with the children. In all classes, the aquatic environment should be promoted as a positive one. That is, as far as possible children should not be allowed to be distress in the classes.

There should be a lot of emphasis on water safety through games and songs. Children learn better when they are enjoying themselves.

Goals For toddlers to:

  • Gain greater independence in aquatic skills
  • Learn safe entry and exit procedures
  • Further integrate breath-holding skills
  • Move towards self-propulsion
  • Explore a wide range of maneuvers in the water, including turning and rolling
  • Move towards the development of arm and leg actions
  • Interact with the teacher and other children in group activities
  • Learn to depend less on their parents
  • Become more aware of the depth of the water and confidently move in deeper water
  • Learn routines and skills that encourage safe practices in the water environment

Goals For parents to:

Picture of young, bare shouldered boy on the grass, under a tree, laughing: This is about swimming lessons for 2 year olds
Swimming Lessons Should Be Enjoyed

  • Learn to adjust the amount of support given to their child so that the child can explore the water more independently
  • Provide appropriate guidance and praise to support their child's competence and confidence in the water
  • Appreciate their responsibility for the safety of their child
Swimming for 2-year-olds classes should have a variety of entries including jumping independently and assisted headfirst entry.

The children should be constantly encouraged to rotate and turn in the water and those skills should be extended.

Breath Control

Breath control should be integrated rhythmically with self-propulsion; that's where the songs come in. Children start to learn to move independently over greater distances. Self-propulsion may also include activities in deeper water.

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Circuit Activities

Many classes include circuit activities. I personally am not a fan. It just seems to me to be a way for the teacher to do nothing. However as long as the teacher is constantly moving around the circuit to help and make sure the children are doing the activities at each station correctly, then there doesn't seem to be any problems with it; and some parents seem to enjoy it. I'm just of the opinion that the swimmers progress faster when the teacher is teaching not just interacting.


The swimming for 2-year-olds classes are a lot of fun and it is great to see the children progress through this stage. Watching them become less dependent on, though not totally independent of their parents’ is very rewarding. But don't forget that they need your help to engage in group activities or they will lose concentration.


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