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Children Swimming: Protect Us From Wearable Technology

Only Good Supervision Makes Children Swimming Safe

I'm not having a go at any particular product here but the growth in popularity of the wearable alarms for children swimming has become alarming in itself.

Don't get me wrong, when it comes to the safety of children in the water, I have nothing against something that helps keep track of children's locations at the beach or anywhere. But I do object strenuously to the advertising that maintains that a child is safe from drowning as a result of a particular product. This is just rubbish!

Wait... Get Your Lesson Plans Here

The only thing that makes a child safe in the water is good supervision. Usually, that means someone who can swim well and understands the risk of water. Strangely however that is not always the case. Someone who understands their own limits as well as the risks of water regardless of whether they are a good swimmer can also be a good supervisor, as longs as they never put themselves or the child at risk. Staying in shallow water themselves and keep the child in the same shallow water is a good example of this.

Image of child sliding into the water. Supervision of Children Swimming is paramount

My Problem With The Wearable Technology

My problem with the wearable technology is that too many would-be supervisors believe the publicity that surrounds the wearable technology and think that they can relax in their supervision of children swimming.

It's just not true! Knowing where a child is will not help you get to that child in time. Having an alarm go off indicating that the child is in difficulty, even if that alarm is effective and most are definitely not, will not help you get to a child in time if they are out of reach

These are facts, not conjecture. In contrast to the publicity of the wearable product for children which is conjecture.

Don't be deceived your child may be a little easier to find and you may be alerted a little earlier (and I emphasis May) but only good supervision makes them safe.


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