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Signs Of Lack Of Oxygen In Water: May Be Fatal Not Fun Or Useful

Signs Of Lack Of Oxygen Impossible To See

The signs of lack of oxygen in the pool, are impossible to see from above the water and can result in loss of consciousness such as Shallow Water Blackout. The best understanding we have of the signs is in the video below.

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Shallow Water Blackout is an underwater faint and is caused by holding your breath for too long. It will result in drowning if swimmers are not quickly rescued.

Parents and Swim Teachers Be Warned

Image of Rules to Avoid Shallow Water Blackout associ Signs Of Lack Of Oxygen ated with
Rules to Avoid Shallow Water Blackout

As I said in my post on breath hold training, Be Sure that you only promote breathing games and training that is correct; You should Always have someone with you who will give you their whole attention; And check that you have the proper training Before you do anything related to extended breath-holding.

The most unexpected thing about it is that it is common among physically fit swimmers, spearfishers and free divers.

In the pool, those most at risk are those that do repetitive and prolonged breath hold training with little rest in between sets. Particularly if there is hyperventilation either deliberate or not.

The video below will help give very clearly the signs of lack of oxygen. It is not about swimming in the pool but because these people survived, it is the closest thing I can get to describe the risks of this sort of oxygen deprivation.


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